Protect Tooth Game for Kids – Dentist Game of Dental Care
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Protection clean teeth of game, very rod of a experience game, in game in the you will experience to cleaning teeth of fun, repair teeth of fun, patients oral exists serious of problem. this on need you to for processing, this process is simple interesting of. how play: through dental doctor of various small medical devices will patients oral of foreign body cleanup clean, damaged of teeth repair good, completely damaged of teeth, pulled teeth, pulled out, last installation good new of dentures, Or decorate the teeth. you control the whole process you are, most can see you can also display the results of this operation only requires finger click and drag can be completed, then experience it now.
The game features:
Virtual and real scenes!
Realistic simulation!
Learning experience!
It is free!
You can share it with your friends.

Nguồn: https://rfste.org/

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