Video games are an amazing medium. Engrossing tales, uplifting stories, incredible experiences to be had, but it doesn’t mean they end up in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

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35 thoughts on “10 Most Controversial Video Games Of All Time

  1. The military worked WITH Atomic Games on Six Days In Fallujah. There is a good video by GVMERS that talks about the game.

  2. No Russian was optional, snowflakes could avoid it OR choose to play it and no kill anyone but NOOOOOOO they'd rather complain and cry, fucking pussies.

  3. are there actual, real life people who find jules funny? serious question. I love rach, josh, scott, just let someone else ANYONE else do some videos, please. seems all i ever get is this always trying to be funny but not funny awkward guy.

    hope he doesnt read this cuz im not mean, but seriously i had to.

  4. Sick minded ppl making these sick games, only for the sick minded to play and enjoy. To torture, kill or do a criminal activity for pleasure is a sign of degradingly shameful level a human mind could ever achieve. Its a pity!

  5. Can't agree more on Hatred. Not at all offended by it, just bored senseless. Bought it, played it, refunded it, never felt the urge to repurchase it.

  6. I forgot Hatred was even a thing. It tried so hard to sell on being "Controversial", it was ALMOST funny.

  7. You missed fear affect (you know that game with the lesbians) very controversial at the time. Now we all like a bit of girl on girl but back in the day a game with lesbians (shhh don't tell your mom) was kind wtf. I know that it's main stream now but yeah back in the day it was WOW

  8. why does this twig insist on making mom jokes…please whatculture, you're a decent channel. but this guy's super annoying…

  9. Hate that you shrink
    down the video at #1 to just a piece of the outro screen!

  10. No mention of RapeLay? The game where you groped, abducted and raped women and girls.

    Despite not being released outside of Japan a British MP had it removed from Amazon for its content, three years after its initial release. Equality Now then followed up on this and forced the Japanese government to ban it too.

    It is (apparently) the only game to be banned in Argentina.

    I think the best part of the whole controversy was that the developers were completely bemused at why the game was being slated.

  11. I LOVED Manhunt & Manhunt 2! They held up pretty well, I revisited Manhunt 2 the other night. Glad to own both of ‘em. Oh, and Jules, marry me?! Hahaha 😘

  12. No mention of Phantasmagoria? It's easily far, far worse than Night Trap EVER was. It caught flak in numerous ways, including the scene at the start of Chapter 4, which has been called a rape scene. And it's "sequel" was only slightly less harrowing than the first, because it didn't have a scene that could be described as rape and had less violence overall, but was more sexually explicit than the first.

    Phantasmagoria was banned in several countries, and highlighted in US Senate hearings when they were debating whether the Federal government needs to regulate video game content via Federally-mandated ratings. This despite the fact the ESRB had already been formed by Phantasmagoria's release, and the ESRB gave Phantasmagoria it's well-deserved M rating.

    But with all these video game bans that are mentioned, makes me glad in the US our government largely cannot do that due to our First Amendment.

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