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31 thoughts on “10 Most Overrated Games Ever

  1. Yo I agree with most of your choices but just because it's a broken game or it's not well designed, it doesn't mean it's not good, I love Borderlands 2 and it's just extremely glitchy Because of the system it uses and it's story is amazing with fun missions and amazing characters same thing with mw2

  2. Maybe Undertale and Life Is Strange. Both games are great but are seriously overrated.
    Undertale has bad graphics and gameplay that falls between okay and very bad.
    Life Is Strange fundamental wise is a bad story game. Choices don’t matter, bad lip syncing, meh graphics, and edgy and dumb characters.

  3. You bash the gameplay of God of War and complain about Red Dead Redemption for not being original and innovative, but you do not include Witcher 3 in this list? A game that has the most clungiest combat, controls and gameplay since PS2 era…

  4. I hate god of war 2018 and I would have preferred that kratos didn't kill the gods in the third game that screwed me

  5. 'Most overrated games'
    why isn't Minecraft on this list?

    Edit: Just started playing mc again, it's so fun

    Edit 2: Nvm it's boring again

  6. Also, re7 and re2r showed just how stupid the "take the combat away" argument really is. Combat done right in horror shows you just how trully screwed you are as absolutely nothing seems to work while outlast was really just a lazy game who thought it could just resort to a heavily scripted fat guy and a penis. You also arent scary when you resort to scripted, unavoidable events to fuck me over instead of letting me mess myself up. Also, amnesia's sanity meter was bullshit. How the hell are you going to tell me how to feel? Funny how silent hill never needed such stupid gimmicks and its the best psychological games (the first 3) ever. Why do lazy games get praised now?

  7. Most overrated games ever and we're not putting in for example Castlevania Rondo of Blood which is hailed as some kind of masterpiece and is actually one of the shittiest castlevania games ever apart from the soundtrack

  8. I like this video because it's bold. Personally I loved god of war 2018's gameplay, but you're so right. Especially on MW2 and Red dead 2.
    And Skyrim! Definitely Skyrim! Overrated as hell

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