A mix of simulation, colony management, and strategy, this isn’t just city-building games or RTS. Welcome to 10 upcoming PC base-building games in 2019 and …

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33 thoughts on “10 New Upcoming PC Base-building Games in 2019 & 2020 ► Strategy Builder Simulation & Management!

  1. Bonus game! Spacebase Startopia was just announced! The counterpart to this video is on ClemmyGames' channel, check it here: https://youtu.be/9XnjBL7PmKA
    He approached me on twitter with the idea and I thought it'd be a nice change of pace as well as a good warm-up for the main 6 list videos that I'm working on right now for later this year. These list videos are a MASSIVE part of keeping this channel afloat, so if you could support this one or the others in any way by watching, liking, and/or sharing them I would be super duper grateful. Here's the full playlist for all the list videos going back to 2014: https://www.gamerzakh.com/lists
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  2. No offense but it's painful trying to understand what this other guy is saying. Elocution lessons go a long way.

  3. As a Singaporean, the responses to this video are exactly why I do not like to speak to my caucasian colleagues. I know they're silently judging me.

  4. This video could be better without the other guy that speak strange accent.. it's hard to understand his accent!

  5. I can not find that game of The Settlers, would anyone be kind to tell me if it is released? Or why I do not find that exact game anywhere online?

  6. wish i could say i enjoyed the vid but i really didn't, the other guy was awful and i dont even mean his accent there wasnt anything right with his audio and not once did he pass it back to you.. came across rude and put me off the whole thing.
    thats my feedback take it or leave it.

  7. Is Frostpunk technically a base-building game, or a city-builder? I liked the concept of surviving a desperate situation, with few resources and people – kind of "hanging on by your fingertips" the whole way through – A lot of base-building games (in my opinion) tends to get somewhat stale once you've managed to break through those first initial hardships, and have a steady flow of supplies and units; not that I think it is impossible to make such games compelling in the late game, but they tend to hold my interest more in the early stages.

  8. Hello I am a big fan of dungeons 3 the comedy the look and strategy are really fun but my favorite is the ability to set up traps and make it so i can beat the pesky heros easier i really liked the riftbreaker review and hope that it comes put soon cause it looks like a game where you will set up traps gather resources and it does the one thing i want most is to control the minions, main character. thank you for the reviews

  9. I'm a DIYer. I've built and created and renovated my who life. So, I'm a builder.

    All games are about playing God. FPS games is you wanting to be the God of combat like Hercules or Thor. RTS war campaigns like Rome: Total War is you wanting to be a global dominating war God like Ares or Odin. I like base building games b/c I'm a builder God like the Greek/Roman God Tyche or the Egyptian God Ptah. Its also why I like crafting games. Games are designed to suit each of our personalities. I don't like MMOGs b/c like social media most people are A-holes. I don't like FPS shooters b/c I panic & start randomly hitting all kinds in wrong keys on my keyboard. If I can't pause or slow a game down, I won't play it. I play games to relax, not to get stressed.

  10. So i went to the comments to see what people said about the games, but also the second dudes voice. And honestly, read this, because it worked for me, the dude is some variety of asian, not german. For some reason that makes it awesome and a lot more pleasurable to listen to. I have no idea why

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