In this week’s video I attempt to make a coffee board game table that meets a list of requirements that are quite strict. It’s really tough, and I fail a lot. There were …

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25 thoughts on “Building a Board Game Coffee Table

  1. The comments you guys have been leaving…truly heart warming. I am blessed to have a community of such kind people. Thank you.

  2. Not the only one Miniac who is carpentarted….I have that gene. It happens, but just like painting practice makes perfect. Great Job!

  3. It's nice to see someone actually go through the process of creating things. Such a breath of fresh air from the normal build shit on youtube video….
    Guy gets out tools, guy attaches stuff to a clamp, guy goes to work et voila…easy as pie.
    Incidentally, I just realised that my plot summary for DiY videos could also be the algorithm for making porn.
    Irregardless!!! Well done Miniac, this is flippin sweet and I can empathise greatly with the middle finger at the wood…

  4. Use the maple overage for Plinths dude! They could be cut with that "Garage Sale Saw" and you got super nice plinths for basing busts.

  5. Massive respect for you putting this video out in the way you did, felt your pain at so many points in this build. That said you clearly learnt a lot so I say the project was a massive success.

  6. Oh my god dude. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I know this is an old video but thanks for sharing.

  7. You could install some draw-out supports mounted underneath the small table. Then draw them out before opening the big table. Now it would be nicely supported, no extra legs, and easily modified.

  8. As an experienced wood worker and furniture maker who is just getting into minis, this video spoke to me on all the levels. Way to stick to it!

  9. Scott, this was one of the funniest things I've watched in a long time! It reminded me of the time I tried to build a table for my college apartment. I, like you, failed to completely plan my project and often was forced to cut twice (or more) for failure to measure properly. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  10. You could build a set of swing legs that start up against the bottom side of the table. They would be the length of the sides between the legs. You’d pull the leg out and it would pivot to a 45 degree angle, then u lock the actual leg and rotate it 90 degrees which will allow support for the fold out wings of the table.

  11. BIG kudos for not giving up!!! I would never have had the guts to push through! And the end result looks great – and does what you need it to do – so BIG win all the way 👌

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