Awesome WWE Wrestlers Who had their potentials completely flattened!

it’s insane to think that some of these superstars could have become iconic figures of pro wrestling. Which wrestlers can you think of that also didn’t reach the heights you thought they would and ultimately had their opportunities ruined by WWE?

Special thanks to WWE Modders:
JoeMashups, LynchReborn, AznBlusuazn, Tekken54, GameElite, CaWLife, BronxBX, Dennis Bieser, YudaGaming.

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36 thoughts on “Charismatic WWE Superstars Who Had Their Potential Wasted | WWE 2K20 Mods (Enhanced)

  1. Benjamin, Ziggler, Archer, Rusev, EC3, Cesaro, Ryder, Neville, Slater, Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Chad Gable, Jason Jordan, Morrison, RVD, Christian, Bourne, Lashley, Ezekiel Jackson, Ricochet

  2. Raven haha he was a junkie
    Kennedy injured people countless times

    The one that pissed me off was barret he should have gotten the belt but hey we got drew now I’m happy

  3. Sandman, Raven, Booker t, Ddp, Sting, Eugene, Alex Riley, Mordecai, Nathan Jones
    Who else am I missing?

  4. The fact that you didn't mention Sean O'Haire is absolutely wack. Probably had the best potential than anyone, If not than EC3.

  5. Face Rusev (not in tag team)
    Bobby Lashley
    Samoa Joe
    Braun Stroman (he should’ve won more titles)
    Stardust (the most retarded gimmick of all time)
    Sin Cara
    Akira Tozawa (treated horribly) (glad he beat Swerve)

  6. the only thing vince mcmahon's no good shitty brain can think of is how to hand titles to brock lesnar and oldberg

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