Welcome to The Universim where i become god and create my own planet of nuggets but will they survive?!? Can we get 100 likes? Seniac Store …

Nguồn: https://rfste.org/

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39 thoughts on “CREATING MY OWN PLANET – The Universim #1

  1. I mean I’m a bit late and I’m reading these comments if you don’t like his voice leave I mean seriously just watch someone else

  2. This is why I hate watching let's plays or play throughs because they are soooooo stupid and take soooooo long to complete the area or mission that they are in that is why the video is 30 mins long.

    And also you could of pressed (i) like it said.

  3. I want to listen to the voice. You are just shouting over it. I will make a series on this and Iwon’t shout over.

  4. If all you pussies complaining about him talking over the game, watch a lets play channel and stop complaining like little bitches

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