The first of three different video games based on the 4Kids animated series, Race ‘n Robots released for the PlayStation and PC, and a scaled down Game Boy Color version.

This is a crappy top down racing game with somewhat slippy controls. This goes through all tracks in story mode, and one round of the versus and coin modes. The PlayStation version supports up to four players via multitap, while the PC version only supports two.

Nguồn: https://rfste.org/

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6 thoughts on “Cubix Robots for Everyone: Race 'n Robots PlayStation Gameplay

  1. I wish this was made a tv series as a kid, I really liked the music and the movie parts, the game wasn't as fun as Crash Team Racing, but I found the story very cool

  2. If they would of keep up with making Cubix, the racing games would of been updated. And competing with Sonic Racing,Mario Kart and other racing games. #ReviveCubixRobotsforEveryone!

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