17 thoughts on “Every Game is Awesome 30: Feudal

  1. This game deserves an updating and reissue. It could be so much more attractive and playable w/ a better looking board and pieces. Get rid of the peg board and make the pieces sturdier. It could be a classic!

  2. 0:47 dropping the pieces makes me cringe for my toothpaste colored Duke piece and his horse's broken leg. Fun game! I played it last night.

  3. Another aspect that should have been mentioned is that the second player to move gets to arrange the quadrants any way he wants. And footmen can move onto or across rough terrain (the striped spaces), but horsemen cannot.

  4. It is my opinion that you really shot yourself in the foot with your review of this game Feudal. To say "don't take it serious" and "just loosely play" means you are saying this game isn't worth putting your thoughts into and concentrating on. What you see as random movements is actually full range of battlefield tactic capabilities. Being able to move each man once on every turn means you can implement actual war tactics, and you can plan strategies of attack, not just planed moves ahead such as chess, there are so many more possible movements and scenarios in this game compared to chess. I've played this game for four decades, and level of skill is obvious with new players, not because of the game itself, but with tactics. Now you give a newby this game that has some real common sense, and they can give me a run for my money. But your review of this game is based on a half hearted attempt to breeze by it without actually putting any brain cells into the game. Sure you can play chess without brain cells, but are you going to be good at it? People who don't understand this game will never be good at it, because ability in this game comes from true battlefield tactics.

  5. The box and box art for this game is still fantastic after all these years. That textured leather look puts modern game boxes to shame. Current game companies sould take note.

  6. This entire video is giving me childhood flashbacks! I forgot all about this game and now the memories of being 6 or 7 playing with the game like it was a toy on my bedroom floor came flooding in. Thank you for this. 🙂

  7. Every copy of the game I have ever seen, including the two I own, has the board sections taped together, as if it were a folding, four-section map-board. Did the game originally come like that…or have I just encountered copies where each and every one of the owners/prior-owners taped them together?

  8. About a month ago, I picked up a vintage 3M copy, 100% complete, at Half-Price Books, for a whopping $7.99. This game has a lot of nostalgia value for me. When I was six years old – 1970-ish – the two kids next door had what must have been EVERY 3M and Avalon Hill game then in print! (Hey…both their parents were doctors!) The first four "designer" games I ever played, were 3M's Feudal and Mr. President, and AH's Afrika Korps and Midway.

  9. What is the point of Tom crapping on games for being "old"? We know it's old – so is the Grand Canyon. The age of the game doesn't tell us anything about its quality.

  10. Jason makes a good point: That "binder" style player aid is a 50 year old piece of paper. They did something right to make that last. More than I can say about every Fantasy Flight player mat, e.g., Descent, Rebellion, Forbidden Stars, Merchant of Venus, etc. Mine are already showing wear.

  11. This absolutely fascinated me when I was kid in the 70's, and I still have my copy. My wife picked up another copy as part of a lot about 15 years ago, and it wound up absolutely fascinating my then-kindergarten aged kids, who took to it as a mere play toy … unfortunately, any plans of merging the two for a mega-game were dashed when the kids left some of the pieces as prey for the vacuum cleaner. (Hence I cringed particularly at the traditional Dice Tower piece drop at the start of this video …)

  12. Thanks for showcasing all these older games. Let's me know whether to grab it if I ever see it in at Goodwill or HPB.

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