Game Time! Game time arcade time that is! We went to Ybor City, Florida in this video. Crystal and I ended up having a little competition and guess who won?

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32 thoughts on “Game Time Arcade : Ybor City, Florida – Arcade Fun

  1. In monster drop I lost to it

    1 hour later I said ima get my revenge on this game I win a jackpot now we have 2180 tickets in our card

  2. Game time Arcade is always fun to watch. Well done guys on your wins 👍🏻 this video needs to have a special place in all our hearts, it’s the first time that Angel got called a Porkchop on camera!!!

  3. Okay, I know getting this excited is dumb, but I was JUST at this arcade, and I am FREAKING OUT! Gosh, to think I was only… three… years late… huh

  4. gets called a butthole responds with "ok" gets called dumb and responds with "Hey! Don't call me dumb!"

  5. Hey angel and crystal"..I just wanted to say that if you are reading this then have a great day/night also I can't wait for the next vid to come out I'm so hyped for it…yeah I was in the hospital yesterday because I sprained my arm badly ,but I am still loving your videos…:)

  6. were do you get all that money to play at arcades around the world also i am a really big of your channel

  7. Crystal has a beautiful voice and for a fact it's not so cool so pick on someone your own size

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