Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at what appears to the master of all chiefs taking on the covenant faction in only two pristine …

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21 thoughts on “Halo… in 2D!

  1. I grew up with the PS3 and ps vita with a few good games ratchet and clank 3 was one call of duty 4 was another one along with mw2 and world at war mixed with some GTA 2 and vice city on an emulator oh boy the memorys

  2. Doberman Studios?
    Yo I think they made Spartan Runner on the Google play store, I'd recommend checking it out since it's not a scummy ass mobile experience like everything else on the App Store. Pretty impressive and simple gameplay, seems like they really got a good art style for it to.

  3. Halo Zero was how I got away with playing "Halo" back when my parents thought anything I downloaded was a virus and thought Halo was gonna turn me into a serial killer

  4. If I would have known about this while I was in school I would have been playing it 24/7 regardless of having an Xbox or not

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