19 thoughts on “How To Yield The Right Of Way: 4-Way Stop Basic Rules & Best Practices For Safe Driving To Pass Test

  1. Thanks, this really helped a lot. I was so confused about right of way, but now I have a better understanding of it.

  2. wow..thank you so much for the video – I've learned so much from it! All the confusions I had as to how to drive at the intersections are now gone! =)

  3. at 4:09 in the video there is a person crossing the street as the vehicle starts to go through the intersection. Doesn't that vehicle have to stop with people are in the crosswalk

  4. you should do more video teaching some driving skills or etiquette, your way of teaching is really helpful

  5. Thanks for this! Question, if I'm at a traffic light and I'm turning left on a green light, and the person opposite me is turning right and they also have a green light, who has the right away? And in the same scenario what if the person turning right has a green light and also a yield sign, does that make a difference?

  6. There's a roundabout around my place, and all 4 sides have yield signs…I've never seen that. How does that work?

  7. Thank you so much sir..I understand that very well..I search many videos here but I didn’t got what I want ..But In you video I got my thing what I want..You deserve more subscribers and likes 😘😘👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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