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This is a fun and interesting dentist game. Cure the teeth of your patients.

This is a fun and interesting dentist game. If you want to be a dentist doctor, this is a best game for you. In this dentist game, you will cure the teeth of your little patients. Be careful and make use of the right tools.

*pull out bad teeth and replace with heathly teeth
*Take picture after everything is done
*put on color and stamp on teeth with your favorite design
*Each patient requires some special tools for specific dental operation, choose the right one
*Take picture after everything is done
*put brace on to align teeth perfectly
*polish teeth to remove tartar
*examine teeth with X-Ray
*make sure replace with teeth align with the adjacent one
*remove food stuck using picks
*remove food stuck using picks
*Remove and treat wounds
*Brush teeth until they are shiny and white
*Killing bacteria in throat
*step by step guide to show where to work on in the clients mouth

Nguồn: https://rfste.org/

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