The new year is upon us, and there are plenty of great city builders lined up to release over the next 12 months. Join me as I go through a list of my 20 most anticipated city building games of 2020.

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00:52 – Ostriv
02:03 – Nebuchadnezzar
03:31 – Ancient Cities
04:50 – Airborne Kingdom
06:31 – Workers & Resources
08:38 – Before we Leave
09:51 – Godhood
12:13 – Builders of Egypt
14:07 – Dynasty of the Sands
15:18 – Akhenaten Rule as Pharaoh
16:57 – Evil Genius 2
18:22 – The Settlers
19:44 – Foundation
21:42 – Hotel Magnate
23:40 – Good Company
24:54 Going Medieval
26:35 – Starmancer
28:13 – Space Haven
30:21 – MicroTown
31:47 – Kerbal Space Program 2

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  1. There are so many great games slated for this year! Which ones have piqued your interest? Which are you most excited to see on the channel? And these 20 aren't everything I'm excited for… if you want to see more Strategy Games, check this other video out from the other day – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLRYSopjaDQ Enjoy!

  2. Hey maybe some game or computer nerd out there can help me:
    I'm looking for a city modelling game or software that allows you to design your own city – but just design it. I'm not interested in the whole management/ strategy game part. I just want to create the model of a fictional place with the best possible design options (in the best case: design a landscape like in some versions of SimCity, build roads and houses, maybe even design your own houses like in The Sims – in the best case with cool graphics like in Cities Skylines). I know I could theoretically use a professional CAD software for architects but the thing is I don't have the skills these softwares require. Maybe there is a software that allows you to simply drag and drop elements like in a city building game but without the whole strategy thing and more designing options. Maybe someone can help me out. Thanks in advance.

  3. have you heard about "As Far As The Eye" from Unexpected Studio. It's a great city builder who is coming out before end of summer. You really should check this game. Graphics are great and the game looks really interresting.

  4. Space Haven is basically the sequel to Rimworld. In that game the objective is to build a ship and escape the planet. Space Haven is what happens next

  5. Ostriv seem to be the best looking city builder, the thing is these games need to be in constant challenge and more challenging with more variety of goals, or it became boring like Banished.

  6. This was a great, in-depth list! I really appreciate the enthusiasm for a genre I love, but doesn't seem to get the attention I feel it deserves. I'm new to your channel, but I hope to see more from you in the future!

  7. First time hearing about Nebuchadnezzar, got really excited for a second until you said it's going to be isometric. I know gameplay is more important, but I really want to see complex ancient civilization city builders in a more immersive graphic. Caesar 4 doesn't look good, and Imperium Romanum and Grand Ages Rome are too limited and simple. But with the release of the various Egyptian city builders, I'm feeling positive. The new Settlers and the hotel game look good too.

  8. I'm happy AC Origins inspired so many new video games, heck it made me interested in the civilization

  9. 18:20 "world domination is one of my favorite ways to kill time" would be a scary sentence if taken out of the context of gaming. haha.. Great video. Thanks for the recommendations.

  10. Hey did anyone ever play a game like evil genius? Same concept really but at the end you destroy the world and i think as a little bonus your evil guy said some funny lines after the Earth was blown up lik "I should have thought this through now what?" I think it was game you would find on armorgames somthing that used Flash

  11. how come you waited for decades for a continuation of a game from 2004? DOES NOT COMPUTE DOES NOT COMPUTE ERROR ERROR ERROR!!

  12. The only reason I avoided banished like the plague were those foggy washed out colors. There were a few city builders a year or so back that used that color pallet. Made me think i had cataracts….

  13. I already have Ostriv, it's great but since a recent update my Radeon RX580 graphics card isn't working anymore and the game is unplayable. For those of you with Radeon Cards, be warned. I can't wait for Nebuchandnezzar, it looks awesome!!

  14. Oh that Mesopotamia city builder looked promising but the graphics are a bit too old-ish for me. 2D is fine but there has to be more than that, especially if the older original titles looked better. The people walking around also seem to be way larger than the buildings. But thanks for covering it!

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