35 thoughts on “Playing GTA Online Drinking game

  1. I have not forgotten you voted for "Forgotten Possibilities #9", and I am already working on it… meanwhile I hope you enjoy this stupid video of some gaming done the other night

  2. If i had to drink 1 vodka every time i died in my first 5 hours of gta online, i would have to drink more vodka than the words "rose" and "jack" were said in Titanic

  3. i'm pretty sure that was apple juice because nobody play's gta online that great even without drinking ;D

  4. Hey Whatever, i have 2 questions to you mate, 1st one: can you please tell what was your parents on your gta online character and is there a way to donate you, like Paypal or something?
    Your character looks so great, i want my one to look like something close to him.

  5. I got a fun fact for San Andreas. In the mission Madd Dogg, the two people cheering Madd Dogg to jump are also found in the mission Mountain Cloud Boys cheering for the horse race!

  6. I searched both ur gamer tags then slowly, embarrassingly realized u were both on PC and not PlayStation 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. It’s pretty easy to die from alcoholic intoxication if you drink every time when a scholar in armored or gun mounted vehicle kills you

  8. Hey i am your biggest fact if you start blowing up rockets at franklin's old house you will get a call from him and denise will text you.i did this with trevor

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