22 thoughts on “Rod Stewart – Brighton Beach

  1. This song made me cry. I do feel so sorry for his first child, although not nice of her to turn up with the media all those years ago, I'm sure she was too young and coaxed by the only parents she knew. Knowing Rod is closer to his other kids must be s killer.

  2. Am 70 years young wife is a big fan of Rods I could take him or leave him loved Maggie may only really heard this in the last 6 months and can say love it reminds this old fart of my youth remembering Brighton with the mods and rockers managed to go to Brighton last year and it bought back so many memories of my youth thanks Rod

  3. This song tears me up everytime , absolutely gorgeous , from a beautiful person !!! Thank you Mr. STEWART !!!!

  4. I remember when you were only seventeen

    You were the finest girl that my eyes had ever seen

    I guess you found it hard to simply just ignore

    This scruffy beat up working class teenage troubadour

    So we fell in love and I tuned your heart

    With my out of tune guitar

    You were wonderful, you were mystical

    And the envy of all of my friends

    Seems like only yesterday

    Under the stars on Brighton Beach

    Oh what a time it was

    What a time to be alive

    Remember Janice and Jimmy

    Kennedy and King

    How they cried

    I sang to you the songs of Lamb and Jack

    You were Greta Garbo and I was Cadillac

    And we played so hard and we loved so hard

    Seemed we never ever slept

    There were crazy days, there were wonderful days

    And I loved you with all of my heart

    Seems like only yesterday

    Under the…

  5. Красавчик! Спасибо, что ты есть! Все отлично!!! Все супер ! Род здоровья тебе , а остальное ты сам себе купишь!!!

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