34 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 – Over The Horizon (Ringtone)

  1. Galaxy S20 version (2020)

    Galaxy S10 version (2019)

    Galaxy S9 version (2018)

    Galaxy S9 version (Mellow Mix) (2018)

    Galaxy S6 version (2015)

  2. My dad's old phone, but now he still uses this as his alarm! 😀 I can listen to it everyday except for this lockdown…

  3. Samsung Galaxy
    S2/Note (2011): Rock
    S3/Note2 (2012): New Age
    S4/Note3 (2013): Symphony Rock
    S5/Note4 (2014): Symphony Rock
    S6/S6 edge/S6 edge+/Note5 (2015): Orchestral Pop
    S7/S7 edge/ Note7 (2016): Fusion Jazz
    S8/S8+/Note8/Note FE (2017): Crossover

  4. I got an new a70. The over thee horizon is very different than I remember so I came here to make sure i wasnt crazy. THEY CHANGED OVER THE HORIZON! I hate this song and i dont want to hate another sound so im sad so see this not on my phone

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