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46 thoughts on “Story Explained: The Blazblue Universe. [Discovery]

  1. Hey, post Monarch update here. Just wanted to drop by for a bit and talk about something. That being the fact that not only has this become my 2nd most viewed video of all time on my channel, but also how it has reached 1k likes. Just… holy shit. Words cannot describe the surprise at waking up this morning to see this much support for a series that has had its ups and downs, especially in terms of uploads, but thank you all so much. Knowing that there are people who actually found my videos helpful and informative means the world to me, and encourages me to continue onwards. Once again, thank you. I hope to continue giving the joy and knowledge that many of you found in this episode, for the rest of this series.

  2. I just started the video but thank you for this! Been playing BB for many years and every time I try to delve into the story I end up with more questions than answers lol

  3. HOLY FUCK u do a good job explaining this shit but MY KAMI is it a lot!!!

    … and this is just the world building YEESH

  4. Me: goes so far to play the first blazblue game on my old psp to get the story from the beginning
    Me: WTF is going on??!!!
    This guy:I will help
    Me: listens
    Me: WTF is going on??!!!

  5. (Only watched to 221 when I posted this)There was a Couple of things I kinda know about the story before watching this and that was about arakne or how ever you spell his name and the main thing about his story is I believe he is a scientist that got too close to the boundary and turned into what he is now

  6. As much as I appreciate you taking all this time to not only comprehend the storyline for yourself but explain it to others, the pacing of the video is pretty slow and not very engaging. I get that you're trying to go for a dramatic effect, but it's kind of distracting, especially with the origin background lore before the actual plot takes place. It can get pretty boring when the dry, background information is paired with the slow, dramatic method of delivery. Sorry if I'm being too critical. As I said before, I really do appreciate you explaining the story of the games to everyone and this is one of the best video series' I've seen discussing the story so far, but there were a few things that stood out to me. Thank you for making this

  7. Thanks for the video! I tried reading the wiki but I just keep getting lost in links after links of different facets to BlazBlue's plot.

    The only other thing on my mind while watching this video was that the humans in BlazBlue are a special kind of dumbasses….

    Let's make the Prime Fields to mess with Amaterasu!

    Oh no the Prime Fields rebelled!

    Let's makes something to fight them! Let's make something WORSE! Cue the Black Beast.

  8. Honestly, i don't want to criticize your work. BUT!!! Why did you Scream? Why this pictures of terumi all along? And why makes joies? I had search for a blazblue lore for really Long Time. Your series is the most informative, yes..But your narration, your humor, the volume of your voici the jokes who takes one hour to finish..Sorry but please make a remake. I really didn't liké to be such a jerk with you, but, its just..unbeareable. this story is dense, its already difficult to assimilate every termes and dates… How Can you think than add some Bad jokes and screams like a dumbass all along will help someone comprehend this lore?? Sorry for my english. BUT your series just makes me angry. Be yourself, you're not Marvel for put humor where it doesn't need to be, especially with this result.

  9. My dude… Great video and awesome content! Kudos on doing all this work to explain this, but I can't deal with the voice over work. Not trying to beat you up or anything, but next vid you do, maybe try to be a little less dramatic. Awesome content and very thorough explanation,. I hope you don't take this personally, just trying to give some constructive criticism! Keep up the awesome work bud!

  10. Clavis really should've tried to find peace instead of oh, well, TELLING THE JACKOFF'S WHO STARTED A WAR WITH A GOD THAT WANTED TO MAKE PEACE WITH THEM BECAUSE THEY WERE SCARED HOW TO FIGHT GOD seriously Rabbits gramps was an idiot

  11. The most confusing bit was Calamity trigger but I got it all sorted out when I played CS
    Also you're wrong about Susanoo. Terumi was always Susanoo and he was created to protect Amaterasu. After some time he began to develop of will of his own. After that he began to hate being bound by the Master Unit and rebelled.

  12. Yup, read about the lore after discovering Revolution Returning on Android and seeing the anime.
    I quickly realized it was an absolute immensity of mess 😂😂

  13. So that's what they meant in central fiction when they said the world was already destroyed and they were living in an artificial one even before Izanami put them in the embryo she made. That also makes ragna's creation make a little more sense.

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