Welcome to the first official episode of Disturbing Comics! A series concerned with literature and comic books from all over the world that aren’t for the faint of …

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21 thoughts on “The Erotic Horror Art Of Uziga Waita | DISTURBING COMICS

  1. Na that wasn't that bad, mooooore. My morbid curiosity is so bad ooof. Literally after my extreme jump out of no where into Suberbian Film I've been exploring all of this stuff for years now. It's crazy, but legit I can't handle real gore lmao like if it's a movie, show, anime, book, manga, anything not real I can handle legit anything. But real life shit I can't handle. But I've been super curious about body horror since I saw Alien and The Thing when I was little. It's weird, it's not like I enjoy it, or get pleasure, it's just like an addiction to find out how fucked things can get and how far they're allowed to go as long as it stays fake. Idk oof I think I have a problem.

  2. I really think you shouldn't share this sort of content., even if you want to increase your tolerance.
    It's like you're giving resources to people to actively look for this stuff.

  3. I feel like over there in Japan they normalize sexual assault, rape and children as a type of porn especially in hentai

  4. You may be asking yourself, "How could Mai-chan's life get any worse?!".

    The answer to that is,

    The Blender

  5. From what I've seen from the comments and the description of this video, many people are watching this in order to "increase your tolerance".

    WHY. There's no need to "increase your tolerance". If you're disgusted by this, that's good, because that means you're healthy. If you look at this and feel good doing so, you should find a therapist.

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