49 thoughts on “The Samsung Glap Android Gamepad

  1. Can somebody please help me?I just bought the glap and I'm having trouble understanding the charging prosses the instructions manual doesn't mention how long am I suppose to keep on the charger or mention any lighting indications how is the proper way to charge this devise it cost me 130 i don't want to burn out my devise community please help

  2. Este man es muy narcisista ¬¬ se nota en su forma de grabar su cara horrible tanto jaja alaverga Yo sólo ocupo saber cómo es control no tu cara wey!

  3. Great video dude I have a question am I able to play call of duty mobile with this controller right out the box without the panda app

  4. The Benocool gamepad is undetectable, you can play any game including Call of Duty … i do like this one also 🤔✌

  5. I don't know is you gonna see this but i want to know is compatible with others phones. Like a xiaomi. I want to buy one that i see

  6. A very interesting video but I would like to know if it is compatible with the Samsung Fold, if when I open the device it is possible to insert it in the controller.

  7. Tell me something. If the controller is connected by Bluetooth, can you connect a headset to the controller?

  8. "If you want the best gaming experience, get a note or an S10+." Is the comment that made me thumb down your video.
    Sure you can game on the phone, but 'best gaming experience'? No.
    The Asus ROG Phone 2, the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro, the ZTE Redmagic 3s, the Razer Phone 2, will all play games better than the Samsung. Sorry bro. But do your research before making claims like this. Just because it's one of the more popular phones out there doesn't make it the BEST phone for everything.

  9. Got mine 4 days ago and the left controller is already drifting. This was the last time I ever touched a fucking Scamsung product. This company is nothing but a worthless pile of trash. Don't buy this.

  10. This is not a "samsung" glap controller. It's just a glap controller made to work with android phones. This guy just wants you to enter your info. SPAM. No link to buy only for he's giveaway. He calls it a android glap controller also. It's not made by samsung or android.
    Dont give your info away.
    Also not compatible with PUBG per Amazon Amazon description glap Play p/1 Dual Shock Wireless Game Controller for Android and Windows. Mobile Gamepad Black with 4 Paddles.
    Official Korean website link
    Shows it is labeled "Designed for Samsung"

  11. Excuse me. What was that snoring in my right ear? That audio was so distracting. Nice review though.

  12. Ok now I understand. Your so fucking stupid. Samsung doesn't make this. Has nothing to do with Samsung. You start out lying. That's why no sub and thumbs down

  13. This is when a console pleb and mobile dweeb normie have a kid child🤣and they call it Glap….okay j.k🤣🤣🤣I play mobile not gonna lie

  14. Cool Review – How about doing a gaming phone review? I'm currently torn between a flagship vs a dedicated gaming phone. I know the Asus ROG 2 is the best, because of spec, but is it really? Also, I'm a price conscious buyer, so was looking at the Razer 2, Black Shark 2 and Nubia Red Magic etc. We in SA are so limited, that I have to import anything custom. Yes, I can buy them locally, but price wise I'd be ripped off big time! Just a suggestion. I'm leaning towards the Razer 2 at the moment, but I'm not fully convinced. And I would have import it from Amazon, as its like twice the price in SA!

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