Top 10 Insanely Controversial Video Games
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Some games court controversy, others seem to be made to solely to create it. These are the games that caused people to flip out, politicians to wring their hands and concerned parents everywhere to become major buzzkills. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Controversial Video Games.

#10. “Death Race” (1976)
#9. “Custer’s Revenge” (1982)
#8. “Leisure Suit Larry” series (1987)
#7. “State of Emergency” (2002)
#6. “Postal” series (1997)
#5. “Doom” (1993)
#4. “Night Trap” (1992)
#3, #2 & #1: ????

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42 thoughts on “Top 10 Insanely Controversial Video Games

  1. When I saw a playthrough of Night Trap for the first time, I was 10 and had never heard of the controversy surrounding it. I thought it was a cool game because you got to fight a bunch of bad guys in a really cool house.
    Then, when I heard about the controversy two years later, I was really confused. I thought it was a great game. I mean, I'm a woman and I liked it.

  2. I haven't even watched the video yet, but I wanna see what he's gonna say about Postal

    EDIT: No mention WHATSOEVER of the cat suppressors, 2/10. (you can pick up a cat, shove a rifle in its ass and it works as a silencer. It's also animated in first person)

  3. What about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? In the game, terrorists shot up an airport and killed 100’s of innocent people.

  4. I guess Carmageddon didn’t cause much controversy!

    You know. That’s Dana Plato , tv’s Kimberly from different strokes in night trap

  5. 10. Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus 9. Duke Nukem Forever 8. Leisure Suit Larry 7. Doom 6. Custer’s Revenge 5. State Of Emergency 4. Postal 3. Grand Theft Auto 2. Manhunt 1. Mortal Kombat

  6. I knew Grand Theft Auto would be #1 on this list. Why? That game is terrible in anyway due to HUGE amount of violence, innapropriate sexual content, and swearing. The game series should NEVER EVER be played by children or teenagers.

    And NO, I will NEVER play Grand Theft Auto.

  7. I like how Brazil bans a game for adult themes when that was where 2 girls 1 cup and swap.avi came from.

  8. I must say Grand Theft Auto is awesome I love them games Mortal Kombat and yes you're the ones that don't really care about cuz you never played him Mortal Kombat I can't believe I still have the latest on PS3 and I have Grand Theft Auto on PS3 latest which is the fifth one probably the last one I like those games they're violent but I like them I would never think about going out and doing anything stupid but they're pretty awesome in my book and I like them

  9. Death To All Those Mother Fuckers Who Oppose These Wonderful Games You Know Stupid Bastards Games Are Only For Fun And Enjoyment Why You Scumbags Point Out Senceless Criticism In Games And Movies You All Are A Fun And Enjoyment Hater Dirty Pigs You Should Be Shame On Your Selves

  10. The only Controversial Video Games I played was Mortal Kombat and GTA and now that I know how negatively serious the games are, I wanted to confess this to myself: I'm extremely sorry and guilty that I ever played them. However in my opinion, the most Controversial Video Game has to be Mortal Kombat because of the violence being in the Demonic Level and I've been exposed to this at a very young age (specifically 8-9 years old) and it mentally scarred me. Even worse is that the game influenced me to commit suicide. I thank you very much Watchmojo for pinpointing those two games.

  11. 8:19 is definitely GTA3 not GTA2.

    These people make lists … giving you what's supposed to be facts…. but can't even get the games they show right.

  12. 10: Fortnite
    My son is going to turn into a school shooter if he continues to play this game it's too violent

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