Umbrella Corps Walkthrough Part 1 Livestream – Being played live with commentary throughout – Umbrella Corps Gameplay PS4 1080p 60fps For Cheap …

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30 thoughts on “Umbrella Corps Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – IS IT GOOD?

  1. Holy fuck I should have watched a gameplay review of this game before I wasted 7 bucks on it 😭😭 lmao 😂.
    It looks so bad just by watching the tutorial

  2. its the year 2020 this game is on sale for £2.49. i would rather die of coronavirus than buy this utter garbage

  3. I really don't understand why this game gets a bad reputation… L ile it looks good and the point is to give a more possible perspective of a Umbrella corps soldier

  4. 29:29 lmfao this could easily be mistaken for Black Ops 4 at a quick glance and not paying close attention

  5. that's a horrible camera angle, I'm sorry but with your commentary, it's making the game more amazing then what it really is.

  6. The people saying this game looks “great”.. from the start to the end of the video he did the same thing over and over and over again. The levels look identical, it is actually a joke. I wouldnt play this for free. People who are saying this looks “great” have no standards in gaming at all and probably loved operation raccoon city as well.

  7. Back then, i already could predict it sucks because it uses a freaking mobile game engine…
    It is proven that Unity has optimization issues for many Console and PC titles, usually texture and poly heavy games.

  8. See, people we're expecting another full resident evil title. This is just a spin-off, and it's quality directly correlates with that. If people expected… Whatever this is… It wouldn't have been so terribly received.

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