Let’s Play Ice Man Arcade Game with Water Cannons in 2 Player Mode with Kids Doc and Piper! This is the very first time we have ever played this Game. Just arrived brand new and was recently purchased for this Arcade Amusement Center we visited today. Boy were we happy to see it. doc tells us that there is also a Ice Man Water Cannon Arcade Game that was recently received at the Time Zone Arcade in the Philippines as well. So these AWESOME Arcade Games are now finally being purcahsed and placed at various Amusement Centers. We wish we can say the same thing about the Dayton USA Championship Arcade Game in our neck of the woods! Back to the Ice Man Arcade Game. Yes, you actually DO shoot a strong stream of WATER from the Water Cannons at the Video Screen of this Game to fight enemy zombies that are quite similar to what we do when playing the Plants Vs. Zombies The Last Stand Arcade Game. Oftentimes times freezing the Zombies into Ice. Hence the Name Ice Man. In addition to the Water that is used to shoot against the TV Screen to kill the Zombie Enemies, occassionally you will see a mist of vapor come up through the artificial turf grass that is placed in front and lower to the Water Cannons. As a Player, you really don’t feel the steam vapor though and it does not hinder the Gameplay at all. Sometimes enough coins are won during the Game Battle to prompt the Vapor Steam as well as to change a Water Cannon to full force thicker and wider spray which is fun. Both Piper and Doc played in 2 Player Mode and Completed The Entire 6 Levels and defeated ALL BOSS FIGHTS! ICE MAN is a great Arcade Game that we wish had even more than the 6 Levels so we can played a lot more.

Ice Man Ticket Redemption Arcade Game


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